Played by:

Nicholas Wyman

'Peter Manning' was Todd Manning's adoptive father, Peter used to beat Todd when he was a kid. Years later When Todd was on trial for raping Marty Saybrooke, Peter showed up. A few months later, When Todd was attacked by Luna Moody, Peter promised his son he would get the best lawyers but when Todd confessed to raping Marty, Peter called him a pathetic excuse for a son. In 1994, a series of rapes began at Llanview Hospital and Todd was the prime suspect, Todd called his father to get his help but Peter refused to help him, Peter flew to Llanview but he didn't want anything with Todd because Peter had cut himself off from Todd and said that Todd was no longer his son. During an argument with Todd in the Hospital parking lot, Peter suffered a heart attack and he threw Todd out of his Hospital Room. The next day, Peter was transferred to a hospital in Chicago and he grew more weak every day. A few months later, Powell Lord III was eventually revealed to be the hospital rapist when he attacked Todd. Todd flew to Chicago to see his father in the hospital. Peter gave Todd a key and told him it was time to find out who he was, but Peter died before he could get the words out. In his will, Peter left everything to his fiancee Connie. A few days after Peter's Death, Todd recieved a note from his father's attorney saying that as they were closing up Peter's house, they came upon letters for Todd from his mother. Todd was outraged that his father never told him about the letters. Todd read one letter saying that his mother wanted to see him but his father refused to let her, the letter went on to say that Todd was adopted and that he was the son of Victor Lord and Peter's Sister Irene Manning the best friend of Victor's daughter Victoria Lord.